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Queen Elizabeth

As a way of promoting sustainable tourism we use a responsible travel approach by engaging local guides and partnering with community owned tourism organisations for various activities around the tourism attractions in order to give back to the communities.

Our independent travel option allows a slower pace, enabling you to get to know the local culture more and create more enriching experiences in one particular area. However, it is reassuring to know that someone is looking out for you when you travel independently; with the Guided Independent Traveller option, you travel cheaper at your own pace; you plan your own itineraries and can change it whenever you like, and you manage your own budget and expenditure.

The company employs a highly motivated team of professionally trained and qualified staff that is committed to serving clients with efficiency and with a warm, friendly smile. Under the stewardship of our active Safari Manager our team is efficient, friendly, customer focused with a vision and passion for excellence. For instance they work with clients in establishing last minute details of an itinerary.

Our mission is very specific as our company’s vision is to provide the high quality tour and travel service in the country. Rwefuma Safaris is selective regarding the type of tourist prospects and destinations offered to clients in order to guarantee customer satisfaction

Their rigorous training permits them to impart a Kaleidoscope of information ranging from our rich and diverse culture, wildlife, bird life to flora and faunaYour pleasure and satisfaction is our prime objective. Our drivers who act also as guides and sales executives will dazzle you with their extensive and wide knowledge of Uganda.

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